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Instructor & Founder

Alexia has been dancing since she was in high school with a focus on Jazz, Hip Hop and RnB. Having been an instructor and choreographer in two dance fitness programs prior to Dance Nation Co, she definitely can get you perfecting the routine and moves, when she brings it to life on stage. Her passion for dance fitness and the health and fitness industry is the driving force behind establishing Dance Nation Co. 


Instructor & Choreographer

Themelina is Dance Nation Co.’s behind the scenes bandit. Although you may not see her on stage frequently, you can catch her bright smiling face at our front desk as she welcomes you onto our dance floor. She has spent years Greek dancing and instructing two other dance fitness programs prior to Dance Nation Co. She has run her own class, and shared the stage with other instructors for years.


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Instructor & Choreographer

Irene has been Greek dancing for many years and is extremely passionate about sharing the love of culture with others. Having spent a long time dancing Greek, she’s able to bring that unique splash to the Dance Nation Co. dance floor that so many of us yearn to watch. Kindergarten teacher by day, dance warrior by night.


Instructor & Choreographer

Melina was wearing ballet and jazz shoes at the age of three and hasn’t stopped dancing ever since. After doing ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, drama and Greek dancing for twelve years, she then shared her passion with younger children as she taught Greek dancing weekly. Running a dance fitness class prior to Dance Nation Co taught her that true happiness comes from doing what you are most passionate about.


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